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Rent Assistance, Nutrition and Agriculture, U.S. Postal Service, and Childcare

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State and local governments were responsible for distributing a reported $25 billion in emergency federal rent assistance. The money is targeted to families impacted by COVID-19 who struggle to pay rent and/or owe past-due rent payments. Approximately $800 million of these funds are reserved for Native American housing entities.

The CAA also extended the moratorium on evictions first extended by the CARES Act.2 This moratorium was extended a number of times since then. But now that it’s expired, what’s next for renters?

Federal and state governments still have a number of emergency rental programs in place, originally worth $46.55 billion. As of August 13, 2021, $25 billion has been disbursed with $7.75 billion going to households.5 Individuals who require assistance can go through the U.S. Treasury’s website to see what assistance is available in their areas.
A 15% increase in SNAP benefits—plus additional funding for food banks and senior nutrition programs costing $13 billion—made up half of the $26 billion set aside here. This included $614 million for nutrition assistance for Puerto Rico and other territories. Included in this allotment were emergency funds for school and daycare feeding programs, as well as improvements in the P-EBT program.

The second $13 billion consisted of direct payments, purchases, and loans to farmers and ranchers who suffered losses due to the pandemic. These funds would be used to support the food supply chain, purchase food, donate to food banks, and support local food systems.2

A CARES Act $10 billion loan to the USPS was converted to direct funding with no required repayment by the CAA legislation. These funds were designed to be used to offset operational costs and expenses resulting from the pandemic.6

A Child Care and Development Block Grant of $10 billion, allocated through the new legislation will be used to provide childcare assistance to families. The funds will also be used to help childcare providers cover increased operating costs during the pandemic. Also included in this allotment: $250 million for Head Start providers.

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